Prolonged Ejaculation

Posted on October 6, 2009
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Prolonged Ejaculation

Think again, if you don’t think the quality of the food you eat has any impact on the fertility of you and your partner. An article was published that discussed the relationship between infertility and organic food and cited multiple studies that involved humans and animals. Prolonged Ejaculation – The results of this research indicate that restricting your diet to organic foods affects eggs and sperm in a positive manner.

Some of the key points include:

Prolonged Ejaculation – Since agricultural practices have intensified over the last 70 years, human fertility has declined. Between 1938 and 1988, otherwise healthy men in the U.S. had average sperm counts that fell 58%. Average sperm counts dropped nearly 59% in Europe from 1971 to 1990. Other studies that were conducted in Scotland, France, and Belgium showed a decline in sperm motility, quality, development, and morphology (shape).

Prolonged Ejaculation – The decline in the quantity and quality of sperm is attributed to a combination of pesticides and hormones, which can also affect human hormones negatively. Prolonged Ejaculation – Male animal feminization, female animal masculinization, the presence of eggs in roach testes in UK rivers, reduced penis size and enlarged ovaries in alligators in Florida, low egg viability, and the sexual paring of female birds have been linked to the presence of certain pesticides.

Prolonged Ejaculation – The Lancet published a study in 1994 indicating that the sperm counts of organic farmers were much higher than those of others in the blue-collar workforce. Organic farmers were found to have sperm counts that were more than double (363,000,000 sperm/ml semen) those of the control group that consisted of printers and welders (164,000,000 sperm/ml semen).

Prolonged Ejaculation – Men who have eaten mostly organic produce have semen that contains more sperm of better quality than those who consume produce that has been treated with pesticides. Prolonged Ejaculation – Farmers who use conventional methods in their farming showed a significant reduction in normal sperm morphology.

Prolonged Ejaculation – If successful conception has eluded you and your partner, and you eat conventionally-farmed produce that is contaminated with pesticides, you are well advised to turn to organic foods. If you consider organic foods to be too costly, please refer to an earlier article I wrote entitled “Pesticides”. Prolonged Ejaculation – It provides a comprehensive list of the foods that are the least and the most contaminated by pesticides.

Prolonged Ejaculation

Prolonged Ejaculation

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